Thursday, 24 October 2013

A mini black board make over

Hello my friends and yay for Friday! I love Fridays the feeling of the weekend and all the great stuff, no school and work for hubby my heart is so happy on these days.

On Fridays at Our Little Home we get ready for the weekend ahead. I not only tidy the house extra clean so it is pretty for my family on the weekend I do our weekly shopping today.

But the past few days I have remembered things and I have to walk to the office to get a paper and pen to write things down and more often than not I get distracted and I forget to write it, so I had to make a plan.

Last year one of my gorgeous sister-in-laws gave me a chalk board, I had stuck butterfly stickers on it but wanted to freshen it up as it was going to be in our kitchen for lists and notes.

So I got out my supplies and just my creative side and started to decorate it.
Some washi tape, flowers, glue and buttons.

Here is is all made up, I love the color and I now I can't wait to use it.

I hung it up with a hook and my chalk in my little jar.

It looks perfect the color makes it even more exciting to write my notes on.

I am so happy now I can just jot anything down that we need and then I can add it to my weekly shopping list.

Happy weekend to you all my friends!

Tanya xo