Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A quick 10 minute organisation

Hello my friends and followers and a very wonderful happy Thursday to you all.
So today I wanted to share a 10 minute organisation job that literally is so easy to do and you will feel so rewarded.

We all have 10 minutes to spare in our days, I honestly believe that our homes can look neat and tidy everyday if we keep up with the mess. A saying we have in this house when you take it our put it back and it works.

So here is a quick easy job for today. The bathroom cupboard. How much stuff can we keep putting in and just keep filling it up? Right? Old shampoos that we 'will' use? Creams and our men's things??

So today get it all out, wipe down the cupboards and throw out anything you don't use, need, want or has gone over the expiry date.

Here is our ensuite cupboard. We are blessed to have an ensuite and therefore more space to store all of our things but in our one bathroom home before I managed with this system too.

Here is hubbies shelf. I used blue baskets for him and it make it easier for me to wipe the shelves down. I do this one day a week so it always stays clean.

And my shelf. Again a basket and everything is organised and clean.

And here a full view, if you notice only things we use (only thing I don't love the pipes but what can you do?).

So here is a quick and fast job to get one more thing organised in your beautiful homes.

Thanks for stopping by and chat again tomorrow with another organising tip.

Tanya xo